Wednesday, August 16, 2017

County Fair and Decking

Hello my friends!  Thanks for all the nice comments about our new house paint!  You're very kind.  We took a break from home improvement yesterday and took the boys to the Clackamas County Fair in Canby.  We have always been at Waldo Lake during this fair so have missed it.  Here are the boys making friends with a llama.  :-)

I snapped a closeup of a mottled cutie pie.

It's a small fair but had a bit of everything.  The boys had a ball on the rides and games.

Our two little sheep.  :-)

There were a lot of llamas!

The boys flying through the air.

Ready for a big ride!


Boys love bumper cars!

We had shaved ice and iced coffee and I saw a cowgirl roping comedian.. ha!  After the fair we took the boys to Kristi's sister's house to stay for a few days and she has a pool!  They jumped right in when we got there.

On Monday our project helper Lee arrived to start the decking replacement project.  Travis and Kristi are helping too.  Kristi is removing all the screws from the old decking and Caleb even was helping with that.  They got 6 new boards down!

There's nothing better than strong new boards.  These are kiln dried Port Orford Cedar which are supposed to be very good.

The boys are having fun on their trampoline.  Here's Hayden getting "airtime" doing a flip.

Caleb doing his flip.

With the painting and decking, the weeds have gone unchecked, Kristi is laughing at how tall this milkweed got!

Lee's Golden Lab puppy, Marley.. fell asleep on my foot while I was sitting outside watching the deck work going on.  :-)

Well, I'm off to the pool.. have a good one!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dreams Can Come True

Our house needed painting for a few years now.  I used to read a blog by a woman in Norway and her farmhouse was painted red with white trim and I fell in love with it.  I began my campaign with my husband and family to paint our house red.  I took 3 years to wear my husband down.  :-)  I am so happy with this color!  Now we have all the painting debris and painted greenery to clean up.  What do you think?

Here is the old color.  I thought I'd show you some "Before & After" photos. I did love the old light aqua color but I so loved our red barn with white trim that I thought our house and outbuildings would look nice to match it.

Here is the end of the house where our kitchen, dining room and family room are.

Nice fresh paint!

I snapped this before picture after the primer was going on the back of the house.

After - but with a lot of clean up to do! :-)

This is before of the paint and the dining room windows.

New paint and new windows!

Garage with primer.

New paint.

Garden shed before.

After.  The white clematis died that was climbing it so we're going to plant the trumpet vine my sister gave me in that spot.  The pots will be moved to another location.  I used to have cute little curtains in the shed windows and once we clear out what is stored in there now I want to place some lacy curtains back in the windows.

This is the end of the house where our master bedroom is and 
 the craft studio/office. 

Our painter, Lee, took most of the after photos - this is the front porch.  Kristi is going to paint the old oak porch swing white, won't that look nice?  I didn't know the trim piece was broken, but now we will fix it.

This is the upstairs with the two bedrooms and bathroom where our son and his family live.

New windows.. open.  And photo bomber.

Windows..closed.. another photo bomber.  :-)

Windows and back door.. I need to re-hang my magnolia wreath!

New living room windows.  I love the breezes we can let in now!

Our pullets that we raised from baby chicks.. in the clawfoot bathtub.. are starting to lay eggs!  One of my Ameracauna hens laid her first little aqua egg.  :-)

A masterpiece of eggery!

I finished the blanket for my grandson Gabriel.  I did not put an edging around it as I think it's fine for a boy as is.  :-)

This blanket is so soft and cuddly.  I used my own "Shells on the Half Shell" pattern (pattern is here) using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn and an H size hook.

OK, I have to pack my swim bag and head to the pool.  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Crab Salad and New Windows

Kristi picked a LOT of crab and served the family a crab salad dinner the other day.  It is soOOoo delicious!

Feast your eyes on this!  She made hard-boiled eggs, had black olives, mini corn, shredded cheddar cheese and lots of fresh crispy romaine lettuce.  Nummers!

This is our family table on most evenings.. a casual and wonderful free-for-all!  LOL!

Did I tell you that we're having our old single pane windows replaced with double paned windows?  Here is the installer after removing the 3 old windows in the living room.

First new window in!  We could not open the old windows and they were not energy efficient in the cold of deep winter.  Now we'll be able to open these and the ones in the dining room for some lovely cross ventilation!

All 3 in.. now he will insulate around them and place some trim to hold them in nicely.  :-)

These are the next to replace, in the dining room.  We have one in the family room/den to go in lastly.  This was phase one, we'll have more replaced as time goes by.  We have 27 windows in this old 1908 house!

State of the Union - I awake each morning to our current "leader?" tweeting threats to his counterpart on North Korea.  Each day we come closer to a global nuclear holocaust.  For those of you living in other countries - I'm sorry.  Please know that I tried my best to talk sense into many people before the election.  I tried.  Now all I can do is RESIST.  In my own way.  But I have to do *something*.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Crab Fishing

Our son Travis took our C-Dory boat crabbing over the weekend.  His friend from work Ernie went along and he took both of the boys.  They caught 70 big Dungeness Crab!!  

Hayden went for the first time and he did great!  I think it's great that they are learning to fish and crab at such a young age, they will have a lifetime of such adventures ahead of them.

They stayed in the yard of their boss, Jerry, as he has a house there.  The guys spent the night on the boat in the cabin and Ernie pitched a tent.  He went out crabbing with them on Saturday and Sunday.  This is him with showing how the crabs were legal size on the crab gauge. 

On Sunday they went on an adventure, motoring 7 miles off-shore where they fished and caught one Coho Salmon.  The wonderful Pacific Ocean!  They were launching out of Ilwaco, Washington.

I'm so happy to see that Hayden went along and enjoyed himself.

A full crab pot!

Both boys having a great day with Dad and his friends.

Ice chest full of crab!  They cooked them when they got home each day and brought them home ready to eat.  I actually cracked and ate two crab when they got home!  :-P

See the bait in the middle of the crab pot?  That is what draws the crabs to crawl in.  The guys used Shad fish they caught specifically to use as crab bait.. and some chicken.

Crab conquerors!

A closer look.

Peekaboo.. I see you!

Did you know that August 7th was National Purple Heart Day in the USA?  Dayle got a new hat as his old one was pretty worn out.  He was awarded a Purple Heart when he was shot in the thigh while flying his "Loach" helicopter in the Army on May 3, 1968 on a scouting mission.  

I drove him to Hillsboro, OR yesterday to get a cortisone steroid shot in his bulging disc.  It might take 3 or 4 days for it to begin to help his pain.

Lee, our painter helper came out yesterday and did some more work and Travis also got in his painting clothes after a full day of work and finally got to the last green parts!!  It was scary to see him at the top of the ladder like that, though.  I absolutely love the red and white color scheme!!  I'm thinking we'll need new Christmas lights in red and white, what do you think?

We're off to run some errands soon.. but mostly he is taking it easy, doctor's orders.  How is your week going?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)