Monday, January 16, 2017

Snow Drifts and Pink Pussy Cat Hat Project

Hello my friends!  How was your weekend?  We burrowed in like bears and stayed by the fire.  We're having non-stop East Wind, you would not believe the roar of it.. reminds me of how the ocean sounds during a storm.  The winds have blown the snow into drifts, very sculptural I might add.  This is the little pagoda we brought home from Dayle's parents back yard when their house was to be sold.  To the right of it is our creek.. you don't see it?  It's buried in snow!

See below the pagoda?  That's the POND.. somewhere under the snow.  Oh how I hope our Koi make it through this.  

At least we've had nice blue skies over the last several days.  It has not warmed up at all though.  It's 22 deg. F outside.  They are forecasting a warm up and rain to come.. LOTS of rain.. and flooding is a big worry.

My art nouveau lady garden statue with a bird on top.. cute.

Looking out through our little forest.

Dayle has been feeding the wild birds on the deck and we noticed one of the woodland squirrels has taken up being a bird.  I was so pleased with how good this shot came out using my big Lumix.  Notice his tail?  The wind is blowing it that way!

Last week I heard about a movement afoot.  The Women's March.  There is a huge one planned for Washington DC and many others around the country and even in other countries!  There is even one in Portland, Oregon and my younger sister Denise is marching in it.  I'm so proud of her.  I'd be by her side except for my arthritic knees.  Read the MISSION of the Women's March.  I cannot march but I can and WILL support this march and it's mission.  I can knit a Pink Pussyhat!  Read about it here Pussyhat Project.  Before you get all indignant about the name.. please learn why it's called that.. deal?  

The Project aims to Provide the people of the Women's March a means to make a unique collective visual statement which will help activists be better heard.  My blog friend Meredith is making 6 hats!  One for her SIL and 5 to hand out to hatless marchers in WA DC at the march there!  My hero!  I did good doing one!  LOL!

Here is my finished hat.. kinda cute, huh?  I will proudly wear this out and about and also in support of the Women's March on Jan. 21.  More things are happening regarding the President- Elect (PE).  He's saying that he will ban the media from the White House.  He refused to take a question from a well-respected CNN reporter at his news conference, shouting him down and calling CNN a "fake news" source.  He fired the announcer who's done all the inaugurations for the last 11 presidents.  On the weekend where we're to honor Martin Luther King Jr. - Trump blasts Rep. John Lewis, a respected Civil Rights supporter when Mr. Lewis is choosing not to attend the inauguration.  In fact, a growing list of politicians are planning not to attend.  I personally will not be watching the inauguration but plan for Dayle and I to take a day to drive up the Columbia River Gorge.  I am sorry if this information upsets any of my readers, but I also have been thanked from readers across the globe for giving them news that they do not hear so I will continue to express my concerns here.  

Changing the subject.. :-).. a photo of my Hibiscus.

And I just had to show you this great photo taken by Friends of Multnomah Falls volunteer Terry Hill of the USFS Site Manager Matt Ramich in Oneonta Gorge!!  Isn't this amazing?

I hope you are enjoying your world where you are!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Blue Birds, Red Flowers and My New Red Truck

Greeting fellow Earthlings!  I finally am using my Lumix DMC-FZ1000 again.  I don't know if I told you but when I got my new MacBook Pro it did not come with a media card port, it only has 4 ports and they're all the same.. Thunderbolt 3 ports.  SO.. I had to buy a media card reader that would go into the T3 port.  So, now finally I can use my camera again.  All of these photos are from the camera.  We are feeding the wild birds on the deck since it's so snowy they have no food to find.  This is a Stellar's Jay.  

They have a black crown and gorgeous blue body feathers.

This is a Western Scrub Jay.  We also call them "Camp Robbers".  :-)

Here are the two together, they're the biggest of the birds using our deck as a dining room.  :-)

Here's the whole gang.  We also have a Mourning Dove visiting.

It was cold out so I snapped this quickly so you can still see how much snow we have.  None of it is pristine.. the boys have been having fun outside so there is a footprint on everything.  LOL!

I found some old photos on the camera that were taken before I realized that I could not get the images OFF the camera onto my new computer.  Here is my Christmas Cactus with three different plants in one pot.  Red, pink and white flowers.

A red one.

I also found this gorgeous Hibiscus photo on it.

I joined my sisters Denise and Roberta and honorary sister Shirley for lunch this week on Tuesday.  We went on to an old fashioned drug store in Canby where Shirley had seen a collection of Jim Shore figurines for sale.  This cute little guy followed me home.  He's a patriotic Santa!  :-) What do you think?

Now here is my other new Christmas decoration.  I'd seen a few of these red metal trucks on other blogs and magazine articles and even a TV movie - and fell in love.  So, on several occasions I'd googled and googled never to find one.  FINALLY on my last try I found one on the Hobby Lobby website and it was on sale for half price.. it was $15.  I stuck one of my little trees in the back and it's all set for next year.  I am also going to use it for other holiday decorations.  Isn't it cute?

We are staying in again.. works for me.  I will knit on my pink "pussy cat" hat to wear in support of the Women's March.  It appears that the new Senate stayed up until 2 am to delete all the good things that had been put in place to help middle class and poor people in health care.  Just so you know what is going on here.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-(

  • blocked an amendment that would have protected people with pre-existing conditions
  • blocked an amendment that makes it easier for young people to stay on their parent’s plans until they are 26
  • blocked an amendment allowing contraception to be covered under health insurance
  • blocked an amendment protecting the expansion of Medicaid
  • blocked an amendment that would make it easier for children to be covered under Medicare/CHIP
  • Republicans blocked an amendment by Sen. Tester (D-MT) that would have made it harder to restrict veterans’ ability to access VA health care. While Democrats have sought to provide better funding and health care access at the VA, Donald Trump has proposed eliminating the agency altogether through privatization. A poll in 2015 found that almost two-thirds of survey respondents oppose plans to replace VA health care with a voucher system, an idea backed by many Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More of the White Stuff

Hello!  Well, we have had another snowstorm!  Unusual for us as over the last several years we've had barely any snow.  But this year we're catching up.  Dayle, my esteemed assistant photographer, booted up and took the dog out for a nice long run and recorded some of the snow for us.  How nice is he?  This is heading off of our deck and out for a wintery stroll.

We have a big horseshoe shaped driveway, they headed that way, you can see the fields across the road.. they used to raise Black Angus cattle across there, now it's all flower fields planted by Laotian families and sold at farmer's markets all around the Portland area and outlying suburbs.

The snow is billowy on the azalea.

Our little farmhouse in the woods.. :-)

Snow on the Douglas Fir tree.

Oh how Buddy zoomed around.. looking for prey.. :-)  His little legs got encrusted with snow and guess where he headed to when they came in out of the snow?  My lap.  Argh!  And yes I let him stay there and warm up on me now I have a wet lap.  :-)

Do you see Buddy's trail.. zoom.. 

Heading back to the warm house.

A shot from our bedroom out to the snowy forest, I took this and the next shot.  I'm fine with staying warm while taking pictures.  :-)

This shot is the view from my craft studio.. see the pond?  No?  It's frozen over and what amazes me is the koi and goldfish live through that.  

I've gotten this far on my Women's March hat.  Do you see the little dark spot?  I'm SO annoyed.. a bit of the yarn is brown there.  And then next to it is a join.. I've noticed the yarn companies are not doing a tie joy but seem to be gluing the two ends together.. have you noticed that?  So, I have a brown spot and a fuzzy join.  GRRRR.  I'm going to make this side the back of the hat and I'm going to call KnitPicks and complain.  One puts a LOT of effort into knitting an item only to have it look crappy due to the quality of the yarn.  Grumble.  Do you have trouble with things like this?

So.. needless to say I have a whole lovely day stretching ahead with nothing to do but knit, crochet, watch TV and play word games on my iPad.  :-) No problem.. I can do this!  Kristi has put something on in the Instant Pot, chicken and dumplings I think.  All is well here if the electricity stays on.  How are things in your neck of the woods?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Iced In, Knitting, Crocheting and Friends

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  We had another storm over the weekend.  It was FREEZING cold, 18 deg F, tiny icy snow blew all of Saturday, the kind that is so cold that it blows away.. well, it was also WINDY, our famous East Winds were blowing so hard it sounded like a freight train roaring by.. gusts as high as 86 mph here in Corbett and 107 mph at Vista House!!  So it didn't really accumulate as much as blow on by.  The hummingbird feeder kept freezing, so we'd bring it in and defrost it, but the little birds would fly up and look for the feeder, it was sad.  Here is one of the hardy little guys yesterday.

Does it look cold?  :-) I took this from inside as no way was I venturing out.

Dayle has been sprinkling birdseed on the deck for the wild birds and they really appreciate it.

I was supposed to attend a DAR meeting today but it was cancelled, I would not have been able to go even if it hadn't been.. our driveway is a sheet of ice and so are the roads.. my son slipped and fell 4 times this morning getting to his car to drive to work.. he made it okay, thank goodness.

There is a movement afoot.. you can read about it on my blog friend Meredith's post, click HERE.  There is a Women's March in Washington DC and similar ones all over the country.  Women are joining together to march to make it clear that we don't want to lose all the rights that have been gained over the last several decades.  I wish I could march but my knees wouldn't handle it, but my younger sister Denise is marching at the one here in Portland, I'm so proud of her!  But I can make a hat at least for myself to wear in support, so here is what I have so far.  My first effort looked awful along the bottom but Meredith told me I needed to learn to do a Knit Cast On, so I googled it, watched a video and unravelled all I'd done on the first one and started over.  This looks so much better!!  

I also am crocheting some baby hats for "Operation Diaper Bag" for the Daughters of the American Revolution - they are putting together bags full of baby things for military families and I want to donate some hand crocheted hats to put in them.  If you want to help American military families, I would gladly accept a hat or two from you to put in them.  Let me know.  This is my pattern that I developed.  The Shell Hat.

I attended, between storms, an impromptu luncheon last week with a few of my friends.  As always we brought a few little gifts to share.  

Each of us made something for the others and added in a few other things.  What a nice time we had of catching up with each other!

So, I have a nice day ahead of me working on a two different kinds of hats.. :-) What are you doing today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, January 6, 2017


We're in the deep freeze here in our part of the Columbia River Gorge.  Our hillsides are looking like this.  I took 3 other ladies to the Portland Women Forum's meeting yesterday and my friend Sally remarked about the heavy icicles on her way to my house so when we returned home we all went back to look at them.  This is right before you get to Vista House.  I snapped a few images with my iPhone from the car window.. :-)

And although we are having some very sunny frigid days right now the predictions are dire for some precipitation heading our way for the weekend.. snow.. ice.. the works.  I have a luncheon today but Dayle is planning to go lay in some foodstuff supplies for the weekend.. just in case we're snowbound for days.  :-) What we've learned is oftentimes they predict weather events that fizzle out.  But you never know, do you?  We'll soon find out!

Our hummingbird feeder has been freezing so we have to bring it in to defrost before hanging it back out for the tiny little birds suffer from lack of food.  The little birds used to fly south for the winter but now some are staying here where they know they'll have food.

I'm trying to get my old happy self back but it's slow going.  I do have social plans after the holidays which are helping me get back into the swing-of-things.  :-)

So.. what are you up to?  How's your weather?  What's making you happy?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Clearing the Decks

Hello, how are you doing?  I hope all is well in your world.  I've been a bit absent and I guess I need to explain.  Dayle acquired the virus that I have been suffering from for two weeks now.  So, we're quite a pair.  And to be honest there hasn't been much going on to photograph or write about.  :-)  But we've been packing up the Christmas decorations, notice the chair where the tree was?  That's my big news, folks.  LOL!  

I guess I'm well enough now to get back into "life" as of tomorrow.  Two weeks of hibernation is going to have to do.  If I'm honest, I'm also having a difficult time adjusting to the "new world order" here in the good ol' USA.  I feel like I'm on the sideline of a game, helpless to do anything at all to help the good guys, watching in horror at the things that are happening.  

I hear that the new administration is out to abolish Medicare, and that is what we depend on.  I hear on the news that the President-Elect and his gang plan on the first day in office to undo all the social advances made in the last century and especially on erasing all the good done in the last eight years.  It fills me with sadness.  The new guy tweets about "nukes" like they are toys.  America voted in a self-admitted sexual predator.. what does that say to our daughters and granddaughters?  Or our sons and grandsons?  

SO..... with all those thoughts twirling around in my head it's been hard for me to blog with my usual positive happy thoughts.  I'm sorry if you disagree with my dire thoughts.. I do hope I'm proven wrong.  

I apologize if you've come here to be uplifted and I've failed you.  If you can help me see a brighter future, please feel free to say how in your comments.  :-)  How's that for a challenge?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)