Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Handmade Score

Hi there!  How is your festive month going along?  We're enjoying the heck out of it.  :-)  At our DAR meeting we had another White Elephant sale to raise money for a scholarship we award each year.  I bought this neat handmade candelabra for $3!  

I put my polka dotted candles in it and I think it looks neat.

I'm so curious about it's past.. I think the maker is the signature below and the name above is one of it's owners over time.  Dayle, Kristi and I think the Delma painted it red, as why would it be stained and varnished on the bottom if it was to be painted by it's maker?  And we also think he would have done a tidier job of painting it.. what do you think?

Mr. Emrick.. I wonder what your first name was?  But your handiwork is in good hands now being used in a century old farmhouse by a busy and happy little family.

Our Christmas cactus is growing nicely, but it is NOT covered with blooms.  I can only surmise that it is putting it's energy into it's root growth and not into flowers.  ::shrug::

This is the bay window behind our easy chairs.. we get lots of natural light from it which I love.  We've had to lower the bamboo shades this week as it's been sunny and bright.

Meeka's dad, our son Shawn, is at work now at Nabisco for the 3rd week... so his dog has been coming to Dayle and I for attention.  :-)  My nickname for her is "Big Fluffy".

I came across this amazing image on Facebook, it's Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.. taken by a drone with a camera attached to it.  Isn't it neat?

I'm over my illness and will be heading to the pool for the first time in 3 weeks today.  It's so cold outside that it takes quite a bit of fortitude to make myself go.. but I will do it.. I will.  I will.  I hope you have a wonderful week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, December 11, 2017

High Wind and Power Outages

This morning the power went out at 7:30, our 4th power outage in almost as many days.  Our area is well-known for it's raging East winds that happen in the winter.  It's been howling like a banshee for weeks now.  It sounds like a jet engine going right over your head.  SO.. yesterday for the 3rd morning we had no power.. Dayle and Kristi got the generator going and the power cord to keep the pellet stove going.  But what to do with no TV or computer?  Well.. I suggested the boys draw a picture.. of Santa and his sleigh.  :-)

I kept busy crocheting my son Shawn's hat, blanket on my lap, Buddy cuddle there too.  

The pellet stove saves our lives, but need electricity to run, kinda silly, huh?  

I was so impressed with the boy's drawings!  Hayden is such an artist!

That's the moon up there in the sky.  

Caleb put all the houses below Santa.. I thought that was cute.

Caleb told me how they dropped the gifts from the sleigh and elves would go down and make sure they got down the chimneys and into the homes.  :-)

They always ask me what they should draw, so I suggested Caleb do the Christmas tree.  This is the one he did.  I guess I should be happy as my gift is as tall as the tree!  :-) I asked him if HE was my gift?  :-)

I got some new candles for my candelabra and lit them last evening so I could show them to you.  The ball candles are pine scented which is neat.

Thank goodness for candles during power outages.

I did a thorough dusting and cleaning of my candelabra, lots of nooks and crannies to clean.  But it's shining now!

I walked into the den and saw that Buddy had found the blanket I used on my lap and made a nest in it.  Cute little guy.

I must rush off now to my DAR meeting (Daughters of the American Revolution).  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, December 8, 2017

White Elephant Sale Bonanza!

Yesterday was our Portland Women's Forum meeting.  As a fund raiser, we have a White Elephant Sale at each meeting.  The members bring things they no longer want or even make things special for it.  I must say, it's doing very well for our Treasury!  But.. in an effort to make the sale successful.. well.. I may or may not be one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the sale.  :-D  I mean.. it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?  But how could you pass up this hand-made LARGE quilted and hand cross-stitched decoration?  

My entire haul.  :-)  Which one of these might you have *had* to buy?  Everything you see was between 50 cents to $4.

Our president and my good friend Bev made these adorable quilted tree ornaments with bells on the bottom.  $2 each.

My long-time friend Diane brought several pieces of Corning Ware - I thought this would be handy here.  $4.  Diane and I met in a barn sale 40 years ago!  I said to her "If you see a stainless steel bucket, can you let me know?"  She goes, I'm looking for one of those too, I have dairy goats.  I said, I do too!  I said I have 3 kids, she said, I do too!  She said her husband was a railroad engineer and I said.. MINE TOO!  A friendship made in heaven.  We were Dairy Goat 4-H leaders together for 5 years!  We showed goats and the children earned ribbons and trophies.  Those were great days.

I don't know who brought this but I figured that chocolate TEA would be allowed on my low carb regimen.. right?  Right???

I got these scented ball candles for 50 cents ea.

I snapped this up because who doesn't want to slather something called "body butter" all over themselves?  Apparently Neroli oil is sweet orange essence.  Hmm.

My adorable and wonderful younger sister is a member and she handed me this FABULOUS bunting she sewed!!  OMGoodness!  I love it, thank you!! Isn't she the sweetest sister EVER?

Dayle and I hung these up with the help of our 9 yr old grandson, Hayden, who climbed up on a chair to get these installed.  I love how they look!

I hung my big snowflakes on the old light fixture, it always looks festive to me.

We took the boys and our son Travis to the Dragon Palace Chinese restaurant last night.  I chose "Happy Family" for my meal, my old favorite had flour and noodles and delicious things.  Well.. Happy Family didn't make me happy.  I'll have to try something else next time.  :-(

A mellow weekend is scheduled.  Seems I have another hat to make, my older son wants one all in black... I guess I need to go shopping in my yarn stash.  But to be honest, I don't think I have much black.  Or do I have to... buy more?  :-)

 *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The tree is up and decorated.. it's a process.  But it's done.  Now we can enjoy the sparkly colors for 19 days until the big day.  The angel on top in the red velvet dress is a family heirloom.  :-)  The family was shopping before Christmas when the children were young, I spied this porcelain angel but they were sold out except the one on display.  Imagine my surprise on Christmas when I opened a package and Dayle had snuck back and insisted he be able to buy the display model.  :-)

The mantel is set up with my lighted wreath and two little trees and my Jim Shore Santa and 3 reindeer.  The 2 brass ship's lanterns stay there all year.  :-)  There is a stocking for all 7 of us in the family who live here.  

I did agree to cut back on decorations, but still was able to get my Dept. 56 North Pole village on the piano.  With some help from my tall and agile son to get everything plugged in.  I actually got a new skating pond as the original one stopped working.  The skaters whirl and twirl on the ice.

A new addition to the scene is this lighted gazebo with Santa and Mrs. Claus inside.  This is a gift from my daughter from last year.

This is Santa's Workshop.  

I'll share just a few of my ornaments.. this one is a gift from Dayle from a few years ago, he thought it looked like us.  :-)

I have a collection of these cherub angels made in Italy, this one is playing a tambourine.

A wire basket full of yarn balls and a pair of knitting needles.

Dayle has gifted me with several of these amazing handblown glass ornaments.. this is a favorite of mine.

Each year I hang these little wreathes on the china cabinet.  :-)  I crocheted the lace edgings for each shelf in the right length to fit.  

My old sleeping Santa looks right at home next to my new vintage ceramic tree.  We've had this Santa since the children were babies in Louisiana.  I'd lent an Aztec calendar of ours to a woman who made casts and then made plaster casts to sell.. and she'd actually destroyed our original piece, so she offered to give me one of her hand cast and painted Santas which I happily accepted.  He's been a treasure of mine ever since.  :-)

These are the pieces on our TV cabinet.. the new lights with the sparkly vintage style Santa and reindeer.

Dayle and Caleb bought one of those laser light things to light up the front of our house and they installed it last night.. it's actually been rather a failed experiment.  With the slanted roof the lights don't work.. and the lights came into the upstairs bedrooms and kept Hayden awake.. we may try to move it somewhere that it will work better.

The above photo is the light set on little dots, the one below it's set on stars.  Have you tried one of these?  I'd think it would be best on a 2 story flat fronted house.  

So.. how is everything coming along in your world?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hand Written Sentiments

I hope you had a pleasant weekend!  I enjoyed it, reading my Victoria Christmas magazine and addressing envelopes and filling out my cards.  I designed the card and sent the PDF to my printer late Thursday night and they were printed on glossy paper, cut and folded and ready to pick up on Friday afternoon.  :-D  Consider this my card to you!!


In this age of email and PDFs.. I like to slow down, get out my fountain pens, fill with red and green ink and hone up on my handwriting skills on the envelopes and cards.  I don't have pre-printed messages in the card, either, preferring to write them by hand.  When I receive cards I proudly adhere them to the archway into the living room.  

When I took a break from card-writing, I savored my Victoria magazine.  I must say seeing these mansions decorated make me look about and realize what a humble home we have.  

And look at THIS tree!  Glorious!  We decorated our tree last evening.. it only took 6 of us to get it done.. LOL!

This was done in peach tones.. while it was interesting to look at give me the good old fashioned red and green Christmas colors any day.

And look at this gorgeous wreath, with variegated holly and berries and fir!

They even had an article about small lighted villages by Dept. 56.  We put my little North Pole village on the baby grand piano yesterday, I added one element, a lighted gazebo with Santa and Mrs. Claus inside.  I'll take a photo soon and share it with you.

Kristi got Advent calendars for each one of us and even the dogs.  She had ordered a fancy chocolates one for me but when I gave up carbs, she had to find something new for me.  This is mine...

The first door held a wonderful smelling body lotion, 2nd window was a bath fizzy ball and the 3rd was bath oil!  

I wish you could smell this!  It's divine!

This will be nice in our old clawfoot tub!

Dayle was having a snack in his easy chair and I looked over and cracked up at this - all three dogs were watching his every move.  I must say, you have to watch where you step around here with three dogs in your way.  :-)

We'd heard on TV to expect a "Super Moon" last night.  It was cloudy most of the day, then as soon as it got dark I would go outside every hour to see if I could see the moon, but it kept being hidden by our 70-80 feet tall Douglas Firs and Cedar trees in our woodlot.  FINALLY at nearly midnight it came out of hiding and I got this image.  **LOVE**  With my pocket sized LUMIX DMC ZS60.  My sister Denise got a good shot of the moon right after it rose, it appeared golden as it was low in the sky and was being seen through a lot of particulate matter in the atmosphere.

I am under the weather right now with a virus the boys brought home from school, so, no swimming for me this week.  Kristi was not doing well after her surgery and saw the doctor today and she has an infection and will be treated for that.  But we should both begin to feel better now.  I hope you and yours are doing well and enjoying the season.  I will be doing some house tidying today and enjoying the decorated tree.  

Remember, tis the season to be jolly.. don't overdo and take time for the joy... ((hugs)), Teresa :-)