Monday, October 23, 2017

Sea Storm, Lighthouse, Pelicans and Hat Testers

Hello!  Goodness, in all the years of our coming down to the beach in the "shoulder" season, meaning April and October, this has been the stormiest, wettest and bumpiest time we've had.  And today the clouds are gone and it's sunny and gorgeous.  Yay!  This is a damp shot of our view a few days ago.

I had time to read a magazine that I subscribe to.. and brought with me.  This is an excellent issue that has a whole segment about how people are trying to save the oceans.  My biggest takeaway is:  DON'T TAKE PLASTIC BAGS FROM THE STORE!  USE RE-USABLE SHOPPING BAGS!  DON'T BUY BEAUTY PRODUCTS WITH LITTLE PLASTIC BEADS IN THEM!  RE-USE, RECYCLE & RE-PURPOSE!  Thank you.  :-)

I crocheted on the baby blanket, played Words With Friends and Scrabble online.. and here is a shot of one wet dog after a walk outside.  :-)

But each day we braved the rain and wind and headed out for a late lunch and some sight seeing.  We went to Georgie's Grill in Newport and I had their crab Louis and oh. my. goodness.  It was delicious.

I admired this garden in front of the restaurant.  

We then went to see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, it was foggy offshore and I thought it might be a different image than a sunny one.

I zoomed in to see the sea birds on the big rocks by the lighthouse and saw a few Pelican among many Cormorants.

I adore this lighthouse.. they did a big paint restoration not long ago, I was chagrined to see that it needs another coat of white. I'm really not surprised as this poor thing gets the roughest weather.

The Fresnel lens in the top is still in use and I love seeing the light blinking.

Have you ever seen a lighthouse lens up close?

I zoomed in on a couple of comical Pelicans.  

Aren't they interesting birds?

On the way "home" to our caravan I swung off the Coast Highway 101 to visit the little park where we enjoy seeing the beautiful stone house I'm in love with.  I dream of living my golden years in this house.  :-)

The view from this house is of this bridge, a riotous cove of ocean waves and the big blue Pacific Ocean.  

As you can see from this tree in the little park where you can pull out to see this view.. it gets a bit of wind and sea breezes.  :-)

You can only see the raging waterfall on the left from the bridge and from the other side of the bridge, walking onto the span a bit, which I did.

The water is usually pure and clear but the storm and downpours have added a bit of soil to the falls.

Goodbye house.. if you were mine there would be smoke curling up from your stone chimney and golden lights in your windows and I would be out on the porch letting my lungs fill with the fresh air blowing in off the stormy seas.  Then I would go in by the fire and crochet a hat for my nephew.  

OK.. now I want to thank 4 of my blog friends for testing the hat pattern I wrote up!  You're all wonderful!  This first one is by my blog friend Betsy.  She is going to give this to a nice boy at their church.  She knits almost a hundred mittens each year to give to the children of a school near her where many children attend who are from less fortunate families.  She's a dear.  She actually added extra rows to the pattern to make it an adult size, in exactly the additions I was thinking of putting on my pattern.. thanks, Betsy!

Next up is a darling hat that Fiona made for her granddaughter.  She lives in England but spends a lot of time in the mountains of Southern Spain.  Thank you, Fiona!!  She is not a blogger but I'm happy that she reads my blog and comments often.

This hat was done by my blog friend Wendy who lives in Australia - she has a big family and several of the cutest grandchildren ever and she and her husband Paul are travelers extraordinaire!  I love how colorful this one is!

Last but not least is this cute colorful hat made by my blog friend Gracie for her adorable granddaughter.  One of the biggest reasons I love blogging is the friends I've made and am still making from around the world.  And sometimes you find a blogger who lives 20 minutes away from your house.  :-)  Gracie and I also swim together 3 times a week.. when one or the other of us are not off gallivanting around.  :-) Gracie actually found a part of my pattern that needed explained better so I appreciate that.  Thanks, Gracie!!

There is not a cloud in the sky, my sister Denise has come to visit.  She just checked in to her hotel in Taft and is heading our way.  After we chat for a while and enjoy the view we'll head off for lunch together.  Then we'll see what kind of adventure we can find.  I hope you have a great week ahead!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Glass Pumpkins, Nurse Log and Stormy Seas

We've been adventuring the last few days.  One stop was a glass blowing shop in Taft where this cute little fella followed me out the door.  :-)

I fell in love with this one because of the bright orange pumpkin that is beautifully ridged and the green top is the same color as my collection of Jadeite vintage glass dishes and tea cups.

We went for our late lunch to Kyllo's which is in Lincoln City on the D River, the worlds shortest river.  :-)  It's a great view of the river and the ocean there and the food is very VERY good.

Our favorite thing there is the grilled beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and the vegetable this time was DEE-liscious, Italian flat green beans sauteed to perfection in butter with a sprinkling of Parmesan.

After lunch we went to the glass shop, let me show you more of the pumpkins.. which one would you pick?


I liked this white one.

Black ones.  So, of all these which one do you like the best?

I pulled in to this tiny park in Taft with a view of these 3 islands with amazing trees growing out of the rocks.

I just really love the aesthetic, graphic quality of these islands and these hardy trees that thrive and exist with barely any soil.

And of course we had to visit my favorite "nurse log" in the Siletz River.  Happily, it's still there and growing.

The cute little trees and Salal.. one time when I visited there was a Canada Goose on a nest on one end.. that was pretty amazing, I must say.

I'd love a nurse log in my yard.

Our lunch yesterday was a disappointment.  We went to a Chinese restaurant for the first time and the food was bland and  just not very good.  We will not return to that place.  Then we drove through Depoe Bay and the ocean was stormy and crashing into the rocks and flying up into the sky.  I rolled down my window and got some photos from the dry and warm car.  :-)  These water plumes are shooting up at least 20 feet from below this wall.

It was funny and annoying but people kept walking up and standing right in front of me when I was trying to capture photos of the plumes of sea shooting up.  :-)

Boom.. crash.. mist.. 

We had some downpours overnight, it scared the dog!  Right now there is some blue sky showing and huge waves crashing.  Soon we will put on our coats and hats and head off for our late lunch and sight-seeing.  :-)  I'm wearing my Corner-2-Corner triangle shawl in Autumn colors and yesterday a woman in the restaurant called out and asked me if I made it myself, so I went over and chatted with her and her party of 5, let them all feel it and told them what brand of yarn I used.  I told her the pattern name too.  I always make new friends when I'm wearing my shawls!  

A shot Dayle took for me to share right now.  OK.. off we go to find lunch and far vistas.. and hope for the rain to hold off.  :-)  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Beach Bums

Yesterday we made the trip to our favorite place at the beach.  It's just north of Depoe Bay, Oregon and this is our view.  :-)  It's grey here and misty.. but the sun shone briefly over the Pacific Ocean last evening so I got a few pretty shots of the sea. 

I wish you could hear the waves crashing against the sand.

We haven't been here in a while and I've missed the ocean so much.  

The little people on the beach give you some idea of the dimension of it all.

We left the farm at noon and scooted through Portland with very little problem.  We took Interstate 205 which joins I-5 near Wilsonville where we headed south to Salem, then exited there to head to the Oregon Beaches, to Sheridan and then south heading down to Lincoln City and to our destination just north of Depoe Bay.  Almost 3 hours.  I drove my Ford FLEX so we had a smaller car to do all our adventuring once here and didn't have to use the monster Dodge 1 ton dual wheel truck which truthfully isn't too easy to find a spot to park.  :-)

Dayle expertly back the trailer in to our space while Buddy and I watched.  He then hooked up the water, electricity and cable and now we're all cozy and warm in our caravan.  We each made our own coffee and breakfast and now all we have to do is decide what adventure we want to do today and where we'll have a late lunch.  Oh, the life of being retired.  

The boys got their school photos so I thought I'd share them with you.  Caleb is certainly growing up and looking so mature!  He's only 8!

Hayden is 9 and such a good boy.  They are both doing really well in school.  We're so proud of our grandsons.

The sea gulls are swooping past the window and a whole flock of pelicans went by last evening.

I brought just a few decorations for the table and we have an autumn toned tablecloth we keep in the caravan for our October visits.  One of the motorhomes here has two strands of Halloween lights strung across it's front window, kind of neat.  A storm is coming in and we're getting buffeted by winds and the ocean has white caps.  But we're happy as can be watching it all from our warm little home.  I hope you're enjoying your day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Good Grandpa and Balloons

It's funny how our Pin Oak tree leaves turn red in patches.  Here is one of the first bunches showing color.

It got down to 38 deg F the other night so I thought I'd procrastinated long enough re-potting my red Hibiscus.. so we accomplished that on Saturday.  Then I had to grit my teeth and prune my old tree.  It was scraggly to the max.  It killed me to cut off branches with buds ready to open on the ends.  Then I watered it in and this pot should give it room to grow for many years.  It weighs a TON.  The boys had to use a hand-truck to wheel it in and then muscled it onto it's ceramic drip platter which was placed on a rolling plant stand.  It's now back in it's sunny window.. and I'll be keeping an eye on it hoping it will grow and flourish.

My dear husband is a Class A grandfather.  The best.  He took our two grandsons to an event at the local Fire Department for a hotdog and a ride on the fire truck.  They had a great time.

Hayden got to ride in the front seat, Caleb in the back.

And off they go.

They drove through Corbett to the church on Mershon, turned around and went back.

Last week he took to "Wonderland", a video and game arcade.  Gosh, they are getting big, aren't they?

They tried out air hockey.

My sister Denise and her husband and two of her kids went to the balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  These images are taken by her daughter Whitney, using her iPhone!

This image was taken from the air as they all went on a balloon ride!  Exciting!

They got up before dawn to watch the balloons fill with hot air.

My sister Denise got this photo of Mt. Hood as they flew home, using her iPhone.  :-)

We are making lists and checking off things as we pack for our departure tomorrow for 10 days at the beach in our travel trailer.  My next post will be some photos from there.  The weather forecast is not good.. but we'll soon find out!  At any rate, we have fun no matter what.  :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-)